Singing Telegrams 

Characters & Themes


                       Rockin Pete  "The Juke Box Hero"


Dress up themes and fun characters: 

1.      Rockin Pete "The Juke Box Hero

2.      Rockin Heavy Metal Pete 

3.      Pete The Pirate

4.       Pete The Scotsman

5.       Pete The Mad Hatter

6.       Pete The Bavarian

7.       Mexican Pete Mariachi Style Singer 

8.       Sheriff Pete 

9.        Irish Pete

10.     French Pete

11.     Lumberjack Pete

12.     Captain Pete

13.  Gentleman Pete

14. Hawaiian Pete



Your Vision
I will work with you closely to create your vision to the best of my ability. "What sets me apart from all other Singing Telegram Companies is my pursuit of perfection in delivering your vision and my focus on delivering it with the utmost class and with fun! I am passionate and all about Music & Entertainment."

Themed  Singing Telegram Characters

I can dress up in a special theme attire and surprise your chosen recipient wherever you choose to have your music-gram delivered.   I perform in person communicating your message in the form of a personal tribute song that touches their heart. I will joke with them and speak in the accent of the culture the costume represents. This makes it very fun and opens the door for a lot of impromtu bantering and laughter during the presentation. I will deliver your music-gram with poise, dignity, and presence of a professional that will emotionally move your recipient.  





                                          Heavy Metal Pete


                           Pete The Pirate "Arrrrr Lads"


              Pete "The Scotsman" 

                                 Pete The Mad Hatter


                Pete The Bavarian "Ein Prosit



                   Mexican Pete ( Mariachi Style)


                Sheriff Pete  "Country Western"



       Irish Pete



              French Pete

                      Lumberjack Pete


                    Captain Pete

                   Classy Gentleman Pete


                              Hawaiian Pete







Kindest regards,