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             Our Lady Of Assumption St. Patrick's Celebration


          Peter and Event Organizer Geraldine & Senior's Hat Contest Winner


                                   Peter Performing Irish Tunes For The Celebrants


                                                                         Irish Dancers


                                                                    Young Irish Dancers

Video Samples

Any song or songs may be chosen from my play list to create a single event or one to two hours of musical entertainment. I have performed for wedding showers, anniversaries, retirement parties, birthday parties and private events for all occasions.

Thai had a Birthday Music Gram delivered to her at her store where she is the manager and celebrated her 29th.

Wednesday, Jan 14 2015



              Thai received her Music Gram Rose


Corporate Christmas Party

Wednesday, Dec 24 2014


              Santa & Mrs. Claus With The Kids

Nikkie had her Birthday Singing Telegram delivered to a restaurant called TUC in Gastown where she celebrated her 30th

Saturday, Nov 15 2014






Alexis Had A Special Birthday Surprise At Her Hotel On Her First Visit To Vancouver, Canada From New York, USA

Thursday, September 25th, 2014


             This IS Your Birthday Music Gram


       Alexis Received Her Birthday Song & Rose

Michele's Birthday Surprise At Her Film Site, Vancouver

Sunday, September 7th, 2014

Michele Receives A Birthday Music Gram & Rose

Michelle Receiving Her Birthday Song With Her Children

Emily - the One Who Arranged It All

The Semiahmoo Fish & Game Club Annual BBQ

Saturday, June 15th 2014


                            Father's Day Annual Salmon BBQ



             Peter Performs  At The Semiahmoo Father's Day BBQ


Picnicking, Enjoying BBQ Salmon, While Listening To Country Music


                  A Very Special On Looker & Listener Of Music


                          Yeah BBQ Salmon Ready For Eating!


           Semiahmoo Has Many Beautiful Walkways And Strolls

 Salmon Spawning Ground And Hatchery Is A Great Environment For BBQ


                             And The Salmon Tasted Good!

Annette's 50th Birthday Party At The Abbotsford Keg

Saturday, April 12th 2014


                         Annette & Peter Celebrate At The Keg



                 Annette's Family & Friends Sing Happy Birthday



                       Peter Plays A polka For The Birthday Girl



Evan's 19th Birthday Party

Sunday, March 9th 2014


                       Happy Birthday To Evan, Congratulations!


                              Evan Loves Oompah Pah Music


      It is Thumbs Up For The Band And Evan At His Birthday Party


                           Evan Slips Peter An Endearing Kiss



                             Time For Evan To Open His Gifts


                          The Band Plays Oompah Pah Music


                                Mom And Dad Have A Dance


             Evan Dances And Everybody Is Having A Good Time


                                        Wasn't It A Party?

60th Anniversary Celebration Of Annie And Wolfgang 

Saturday, July 27th 2013


                         Happy Anniversary To The Diamond Couple!




 Peter & Terry Celebrate By Playing A Mix Of German And English Favorites 


Peter & Terry Continue With Live Entertaining Music For The Anniversary Couple And Guests


As The Night Celebrated On, Peter Played Some Nice Polka Music On His Accordion  


             Terry Plays His Flugal Horn On Elvis's "Can't Help Falling In Love With You"



Lana Handcrafted A Special 60th Anniversary Card For The Diamond Couple


                                        Auf Wiedersehn Annie And Wolfgang

Bestie Sausage & Beer Restaurant Celebration

Friday July 19, 2013


 Peter, At The Entrance To The Bestie Restaurant, Celebrating The Opening 


       Dane & Clinton, Young Entrepreneurs With An New Idea To Marry Beer And Sausage



                   The Bestie Part Is Trying Out The German Style Food And Beer!   



  Grand Opening Of The Bestie Restaurant In The Heart Of China Town - A Multicultural Hub


                                     Who Do You Suppose These Belong to?