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                Christmas & Santa are synonymous..... 




                                              Kris & Jessica Kringle

The Kringles are a Husband & Wife team, Christmas mix & mingle show comprised of Kris Kringle AKA Santa Claus & Jessica Kringle AKA Mrs. Claus. We dress up in full festive attire and present Merry Christmas wishes personally to the folks with jokes, merriment, and candy canes all in the spirit of the holiday season.

We encourage photo ops and mingling, with seniors, children and their family members in any setting.

We can work out with you how you would like to create your Special Christmas Family Event.



                                                  Mingle With The Kringles

Mingle with the Kringles is the phrase which describes what the Kringles are famous for. They love to mingle at Christmas events or with families at home Christmas parties or with folks at Corporate Christmas parties. Santa & Mrs. Claus announce their presence when they arrive by Santa ringing his sleigh bells. Mrs. Claus is by Santa's side holding the basket which contains candy canes. As they make their way into an event they began mingling with every person present, handing out candy canes and wishing all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.



Many thanks to you and Lana for the PERFECT entertainment for our residents!

We raised $2,100.00 for our Christmas hamper fund!  OUTSTANDING!

This is the highest amount to be raised in the history of the Mulberry.

Cheers ~ Nory J


Santa & Mrs. Claus Were FANTASTIC !

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We asked Peter and his wife to come to our establishment in Langley (Frosting Cupcakery - www.frostingcupcakery.com) to host a "Santa" High Tea before Christmas. They were absolutely fantastic! They arrived ahead of schedule, were very well organized and prepared, and then put on a show, taking pictures, meeting with the kids, and even stopped to do a photo session with us as well. I would highly recommend Peter (or Mr. & Mrs Claus :-) for any occasion. We will definitely be asking them if they would be interested in joining us again in the future.

Craig M


Kids Christmas party

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Peter / Lana aka Mr and Mrs. Kringle were a wonderful addition to the kids Christmas party I hosted this year. I had a lot of very positive feedback not only from the parents but also from the kids and that is where it really counts. I look forward to having them back again next Christmas and will be recommending them throughout the year as well to others. Thanks again Mr and Mrs. Kringle. 5 stars from me.

Trevor Z

Santa is very busy during Christmas and prepares for his famous Christmas journey on Christmas Eve by putting presents into his magic bag.


Private Home Christmas Party

Just another thank-you for making our Christmas Day extra special. As you can see, no small children in the mix although with two of them getting engaged this past year, the next generation may not be too far away. Everyone was surprised and full of smiles. The young adults thought it was awesome and the older ones were almost in tears. Ricks dad kept saying to me all evening it was the best Christmas he has ever had. Thanks for all you do. I'm sure the smiles you create in the seniors homes last way past New Years!!!!

Linden's girlfriend mom manages a home in New West. I'm going to have to make sure she has your info. 

Again, many thanks

The Thibault Family


A Christmas Party With Santa & Mrs. Claus

Hello Peter,

I just want to share with all the care homes in the lower mainland about the entertainment we had on Wednesday,December 12th, 2012 .  

Kris & Jessica Kringle came to The Waterford for a mix & mingle and photo shoot to follow. They were such a delightful couple. They were so gentle and interactive with our residents. People to date are still commenting on what a wonderful time they had. Peter Paulus we look forward to seeing you in 2013! Thank you once again for the amazing performance.

From your friends at The Waterford.                     

                 Santa Gets A Smooch From Mrs. C

                           The Kringles Love Participaction

A Corporate Christmas Party With Santa & Mrs. Claus

Hi Peter,                                                                                                       

Thank you and Mrs. Claus. Everything was great. Everyone enjoyed your entertainment. There is nothing that I would criticize. Thank you for coming to our Christmas Luncheon.

Miyeko H, Executive Assistant 

to - President & CEO, Monument Mining Limited


A Christmas Party With Santa & Mrs. Claus

Hey Kris & Jessica,                 .                                                                                                 

Thank you for taking the time to not only entertain but pose for what was lovely 'frame photos', for our folks here at The Waterford; they really appreciated the entire afternoon and have a photo to go along with it. Have a wonderful Christmas! 

Trey M - Recreation Assistant