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Julie's Birthday Telegram was a surprise when she received it at The It's Time Fitness Results Gym while she was working out. What really impressed me is that she never stopped working out during the whole music gram and gracefully continued to enjoy her musical gift from her husband.

Julie received her retirement singing telegram package from her daughter and it was delivered to the family home at her retirement party in the backyard

No regrets at all hiring "Heavy Metal" Pete! Contacted him 2 days before we needed him and he had everything sorted for us so fast, and so easy! We surprised a friend for her birthday at our warehouse, and it was absolutely perfect! Worth every penny and would definitely hire Pete again. He brought a smile to everyone's face, and I could tell he genuinely loves what he does. Pete, YOU ROCK!

Cathleen P  May 9 2018

Aidan received a birthday musicgram from his dad at school during drama class

Teresa & Armando got married Aug 27 2016. Christina & Carlos from San Diego, California, couldn't be there so, sent me to deliver a Wedding-gram.


Wedding Wishes

Loved it I really loved Peter's performance at my Friends' wedding.  The song we chose, "My Blue Heaven" was perfect for the occasion.  It changed the serious tone of wedding speeches into a lively, funny and vibrant first dance for the newlyweds!  People called and wrote to talk about that unforgettable moment, and the newlyweds are still raving about it.  They loved the video they get to keep forever.  From our first conversation, Peter was so easy to deal with, so professional and enthusiastic, that I recommend him without reservations.  Thank you, Peter!



Mattias celebrated his ninth birthday today, March 1st 2017, receiving a Vancouver Singing Birthday Telegram Package from Peter delivered to his Elementary School. All the class joined in to sing "Happy Birthday" & "For He's A Jolly Good Fellow". 

Eryn celebrated her birthday with a singing telegram delivered to her office at a law firm in North Vancouver. It was commissioned by someone who cares deeply for her and who remained anonymous as her secret admirerer.


Mylana, a distinguished music teacher and violinist with her own music school in the lower mainland, received a Vancouver birthday-gram from her sister in Toronto, to acknowledge her 40th birthday. Peter delivered the musicgram to Mylana at "The Keg Restaurant" in Langley. The hand-crafted card and sentiments were created by Lana Paulus, Pete's wife. 




Vanessa celebrated her birthday with a full Music Gram package including, Introductory Poem, Birthday Song, Cover Tune, Handcrafted Card, and Balloons. A secret admirer had this singing telegram sent to Vanessa's office in downtown, Vancouver.


This Handcrafted Card was designed according to Vanessa's interests.

Nancy celebrated her birthday while visiting her mother in law and received a Vancouver singing telegram package from her husband in California.




Irene celebrated her 80th birthday with family in her home, when Peter arrived to surprise her with her music gram singing telegram package.


 Birthday Surprise For Mom

We surprised my mom on her 80th birthday with a Music Gram from Peter. She was so surprised when Peter arrived, then he presented her with a rose and birthday card. She was was happy and emotional as Peter entertained her with a medley of Elvis songs. What a great way to celebrate this milestone birthday. This will be a memory she can reflect upon for a long time. Thanks again Peter and Lana.

Jane H


This is Lindsey celebrating her 24th birthday. She is a fan of Mickey Mouse so Peter personalized the performance.


This Is Lisa Celebrating Her 40th Birthday musicgram with Peter As Schlemeil Hassenpfeffer - The Bavarian 

A Birthday Package From Friends Of Childhood

Creative Birthday Telegram

Peter helped us pull off the perfect and most personalized and creative birthday surprise imaginable. He was willing to work with our ridiculous requests, learned a new song in a matter of days and pulled off the whole thing with a straight face (and lederhosen of course). Very fun! Very special.

Brett B

This is Otto & Bill (brothers) Celebrating their birthday musicgram with Peter As Schlemiel Hasenpfeffer - The Bavarian

    Otto & Bill's Birthday Package with Peter

Birthday Music Gram, Otto & Bill

Thank you again Peter, I am sure you were a crowd pleaser! The card is just beautiful!
We will be sure to write you a raving review and will be recommending you to everyone.
Sure hope I get to meet you in person one day!
Enjoy your wonderful life!
Forever grateful,


This Is Christopher Celebrating His 25th Birthday With Peter as Sheriff Buzzard - The Criminal Buster!!

   A Birthday Package From Best Friends


                                     Caryn's Birthday Singing Telegram Package From Her Husband     


                          Kim Receives A Romantic Music Gram From Her Fiancee


    Natalie Receives A Music Gram From Her Sister Wishing Her A Happy Birthday


                                        Lee's Birthday Participating In A Sing-A-Long





                    Kristin's Birthday Singing Telegram From Her Best Friend





                                                    Alexis' Birthday Singing Telegram

Amazing Birthday Surprise

Peter was fantastic to work with and was as eager as I was to help me surprise my girlfriend who was traveling in Vancouver for work with a happy birthday telegram. 

Peter originally agreed to perform at the restaurant I knew she was getting dinner at but when the restaurant told me he wouldn't be allowed to play,Peter worked with me as we devised another plan to surprise her.Hesurprised her at her hotel in the morning and she loved it.

Peter really went above and beyond to make this happen and I appreciate his commitment to help me and surprise my girlfriend. Highly Recommended.

Jesse T (New York)



                         Barbara's Birthday Singing Telegram From Her Family             

A Birthday Surprise For My Mother

I was quite impressed with what you came up with just by asking me a few questions.The colorful aloha shirt, panama-style hat, ukulele and Hawaiian songs really were a perfect fit for her. You've got a great thing going. Thanks for making my Mom's day a special one! 



                                           Brian's Birthday Telegram

A Birthday Surprise For My Brother

I called Peter to surprise my brother on his Birthday! My brother loved it and even began singing along with Peter. Everyone in the office thought this was great and so much fun to be a part of. A priceless gift for someone special! :)

Cat O


                  Tasos Receives His Birthday Music Gram On Set    

On A Film Set

Peter was a pleasure to deal with and a great performer. We had him come surprise one of our out of town clients on set in North Vancouver and he truly did a great job of just that! It was a good time for the birthday boy and the entire crew. Thanks Peter!

Geoff M


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