The Silver Bells 

 Christmas Show


                                      Peter & Lana

The Silver Bells Christmas Show is a delightful event which focuses on singing & participation. Each year we invite folks to sing-a-long, clap along, hum along and tap along as we bring the favorite Christmas Songs into residence and care homes  for seniors with a live performance. The duo consists of Peter playing guitar and singing lead & harmony with Lana, singing & playing percussion instruments like maracas, tamborine, guiro and cabasa.

Our BIG finale is the favorite: "Feliz Navidad" where Lana hands out shaker eggs to seniors in the audience and has them shake their eggs in participation with us.  The Silver Bells like to end their performance with "We want to wish you a Merry Christmas"  - a great big moment of well wishing to everyone for the Christmas Holidays!!