The Happy Birthday 

Music Gram.


                                     My Mother's 90th Birthday 

Music Grams Is About Love

Very interestingly, after twenty years of research and practice as a cardiologist, Dr. Dean Ornish wrote that no other factor in medicine, 'not diet, not smoking, not exercise, not stress, not genetics, not drugs, not surgery', affects our health, quality and length of life more than feeling loved and cared for. 

It is always a privilege and honor for me to celebrate and deliver a surprise singing telegram in Vancouver to anyone on their birthday.  However, this time, I delivered a singing telegram to my own mother in Vienna, Austria, celebrating her 90th birthday this summer. My wife and I attended her birthday party at a restaurant with her best friends. I hid my guitar. We had a beautiful cake in the kitchen already cooled and delivered from the bakery. I sneaked away briefly and followed the waiter as he delivered the cake to the table. As the cake was placed down, I sang happy birthday to her. It was such a surprise and she was so moved that she cried tears of joy. She recalled that her early days of childhood were not filled with much birthday celebration. She was speechless and happy, filled with joy and I .............I  felt so grateful that I could do this for her. 

The power of Singing Telegrams never ceases to amaze me and I feel honored when I get to deliver the most pleasant surprise on earth to an individual on their Birthday.

Music Grams Is About Sharing 

When you send a happy birthday singing telegram to a loved one or that special someone you care a lot about, you are sharing your heart with them in a most unique way. 



Music Grams Is About Music

When you are far away from your loved ones and you can't be there on their special day you can send a Personal live singing telegram directly through music-gram services. Let the music speak for your heart and send your love over the miles to touch your family or sweetheart. What better way to communicate to that special person than with a song. 


                                                    Phil Lives On Bowen Island BC



Music Grams Is About Touch

The Singing Telegram is like a personal touch and window to the heart. When an individual experiences a favorite romantic song being sung to them live, and in person, something magical occurs in their universe. Add flowers, a handcrafted personalized card or chocolates, and you have a recipe for romance. This is most effective when delivered as a surprise on location in Vancouver. It can be where your special person works or in their Vancouver home or you can send your special happy birthday song overseas by internet.


                                              Lee's Birthday Music Gram With Participaction

Music Grams Is About The Message

The telegram was the principal message system in the eighteen hundreds. It has since been replaced by the cell phone and visual media camera (video). However, romantics have always found ways to make their communications personal. "Music Grams" reflects that sentiment through the universal language of the singing telegram, especially the happy birthday song delivered in person, along with a handcrafted personalized birthday-card.    




Mary's Personalized Handcrafted Birthday Card


Music Grams Reaches Across Distant Shores

Now with the help of modern technology, the happy birthday song singing telegram can reach across distant shores to touch that special person you care about. An extra favorite tune sung to that special someone in your life can bring a tear of joy, or trigger a cherished memory. 


Music Grams Message From The Heart 

Finally, when you send the singing telegram to a beloved, a heart-throb or a special friend, you can be sure they will be emotionally moved. It is especially touching to send a get well singing telegram to a loved one who is convalescing. 

The special music telegram picture below was taken directly in Allyson's hospital room!


                                 Allyson's Get Well Singing Telegram From Her Family