Telegram Scenarios 

                Imagine Some Singing Telegram Possibilities:

                      We Receive Happy Birthday 

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 All Occasion Telegrams

  • Anniversary

  • April Fool's

  • Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

  • Bon Voyage

  • Bridal Showers

  • Celebration Of Life

  • Christmas

  • Congratulations

  • Corporate Event

  • Embarrassment Fun

  • Engagement 

  • Father's Day

  • Family Reunion

  • Friendship

  • Get Well

  • Going Away

  • Graduation

  • Happy Birthday

  • Love & Romance

  • Memorial Service

  • Miss You

  • Mother's Day

  • New Home

  • New Job

  • Retirement

  • Sorry

  • Sympathy

  • Thank you

  • Thinking Of You

  • Valentine's Day

  • Wedding


Although our main Singing Telegram is The Happy Birthday Gram we also provide all occasion telegrams.

Scenario 1 - Happy Birthday Singing Telegram In Action

Perhaps you have a friend or relative who is celebrating a birthday and you would like to do something special for them by sending them their happy birthday song singing telegram in the form of a personalized music gram.

Peter, would arrive at the designated place and would surprise the recipient with "The Happy Birthday Song" let us say, from Sister to Brother, like in this video below. 







        Brother, Sister and Singing Music Gram Specialist, Peter




                 Peter Meeting With The Sister To Plan The Surprise




Scenario 2 - Happy Valentines Day Telegram

On Valentine's Day tell that special person in your life that you Love them. Why? Because Love is the best! In celebration of just that, why not send your Love or a friend a Singing Valentine Telegram?


                  Kat's Valentine Telegram Package From Her Friend

Valentine's Day Surprise!

Peter did me a great favor of surprising and embarrassing my girlfriend at her place of work. He's a jolly fella that will say anything you want him to say and sing! Thanks Pete for making our day!

Meaghan B




         Julien Received A Valentine Telegram & Handcrafted Card 



                Julien's Handcrafted Card


Scenario 3 - Happy Wedding Day Telegram

Imagine a wedding taking place between two friends or relatives. You are far away and can't be there to celebrate with the bride & groom. Send Peter to deliver a Wedding-gram. What is that? It is a message contained in a song especially designed to the wedding couple's personalities and profile. You give the information about the couple in brief that best describes them and Peter will find an appropriate song or you can pick the song. He will then modify the lyrics to make it funny, entertaining or romantically sincere. 


           Meet Teresa & Armando - Newly Weds



Scenario 4 - Happy Anniversary Telegram

Imagine that a couple are celebrating their Golden or Silver Anniversary. Their children would like to do something different  for them. They decide to send a unique singing telegram to celebrate the couple's lasting union.

They commission a special customized music gram whereby Peter arrives at a designated location with a bouquet of flowers and a customized hand-crafted card with the couples names on it as well as noting the names of their children presenting this unique gift. Peter sings the traditional "Anniversary Waltz" to the lovely couple and bids them farewell as he presents them with the card and flowers.



................The Happy Anniversary Song


Scenario 5 - Happy Retirement Telegram

Often, it is customary today to celebrate a retirement from a corporate business or  government office. A singing telegram would be a perfect send off. Imagine, all the colleagues are gathered to celebrate Mike's retirement at his office or in the board room or presentation hall.  Peter arrives unannounced and finds Mike socializing with some colleagues on the far side of the room. He begins to play his acoustic guitar and sings a personally written farewell song written by a colleague directly to the retiree. Peter had set the words to melody for the client in order to sing this special tribute song to Mike for his retirement.

Immediately following the performance, Peter presents Mike with a handcrafted personalized retirement card addressed specifically to him from his office colleagues. A bundle of balloons is presented as Peter shakes Mike's hand and wishes him good luck in the future. 




Scenario 6 - Christmas Party Telegram

How about your Christmas Party, Luncheon or Dinner? You can have Kris & Jessica Kringle aka Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus  perform a mix of holiday  tunes and Christmas songs at your party. If you like, they can even lead your friends and guests in an old fashoned Christmas sing-a-long. Before or after the performance, you can mingle with "The Kringles" and have pictures taken with them. 


..........................     Merry Christmas


                     Meet "The Kringles"

Scenario 7 - Romantic Love Telegram

Perhaps that special some one in your life fills you with joy and passion and deserves something unique and different like a personal singing telegram message from the heart. You want to send them a singing telegram to express your love and admiration.

The singer, Peter, would arrive at the designated location with guitar in hand, ready to deliver your choice of romantic song. Perhaps you chose "And I love Her" by the Beatles or "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You" by Rod Stewart or "Annie's Song" by John Denver or Elvis' - "Love Me Tender" as in the case with dear Kim.

Peter would be dressed smartly, wearing a black fedora with a rose. When he has arrived at the agreed upon location, he would hand the recipient a red rose and say, " This special gift of music is sent to you with love and affection from Bill........ or Susan........or from a......... secret admirer. At that moment, Peter would begin to play and sing to the recipient in a romantic fashion and end with a friendly farewell. 


.............................  .



These are just a small sample of some of the music gram singing telegram scenarios that may be possible. The beauty of Music Grams is that you can be a part of the creative process and design any scenario with Peter. If he feels it is possible, he will help you create that unique scenario for your particular intended celebration event. You may commission Peter to create a singing video gram of any scenario and have him send it by e-mail to the intended party anywhere in the world.