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Singing Guitarist

Singing Guitar Man - Peter Paulus

Country & 50's,60's, 70's Classics & Covers



Peter Performs Special Concert At A Community Center

This Set OF Three Tunes IS Peter Performing At A Home Birthday Party

Here Peter Sings A Country Song as a Birthday Tribute To Fran From Her Husband Ed

Here Peter Plays The Drums and Sings a Country Song From The Band Confederate Railroad

The Classic Reflections Band


If you are looking for a band to play for your special events like Happy Birthday Parties, Valentines Day, Christmas, New Years, Oktoberfest, or St. Patrick's Day, Music Grams can provide the following bands:  

Need a Happy Birthday Band? Find Out About 

"The Classic Reflections Band" 

featuring music from the 40s, 50s, 60s,70s, 

Ball Room Dancing, Latin American Music, 

Swing, Jive and Light Rock and Country music. 

The Classic Reflections Band Live Performances

Visit the band's website:




The Rheinlander Oompah Band

The Rheinlander Oompah Band plays Traditional Oktoberfest Music and gets your toes tapping and your heart pounding. They play excellent polka band music and are one of Vancouver's favorite oompah pah bands. Available for all dance venues, the band loves Beer Festivals, Birthday Bashes and Parties.



The Rheinlander Oompah Band Live Performances