Birthday Singing Telegram Packages



Music Grams are like telegrams, delivered personally to the person or persons you wish to send that special greeting or message to: Peter can play guitar or accordion at your event depending on your requirement.

Prices for our Music Gram Birthday Singing Telegram Packages may vary; orders are negotiated individually with Peter according to your special desires and individual requests. Just send an e-mail to Peter to discuss your customized Music Gram ideas.


                                                Jamie's Birthday-gram From Her Brother 

Pete was absolutely amazing! I messaged him about surprising my sister for her birthday since I couldn't make it to Vancouver to spend it with her. He is very easy to deal with and is an amazing performer! If you are looking for a music gram or just a great performer there is no one you should think of other than Pete!!

Kris Moen, Jamie's Brother

Customized Singing Telegram Package Options:

Package 1

My first package includes a short amusing introductory poem, traditional birthday song, a personalized second tribute song, handcrafted personalized birthday card with your sentiments inside, and a single stem rose or mylar balloon cluster.

Dress up themes for package one include: Classy Conservative Gentleman, Rockstar, Bavarian Oompah Pah Band Performer in Lederhosen, Funny Lumberjack Pete, Scottish Highlander in a Kilt, Country Western Sheriff, Hawaiian Singer, Irish Entertainer in Green, Pirate Pete or Sailor Captain Pete. - 

Each Music Gram is customized to the recipient's personality with particular attention to the individual's unique qualities. 

Package 2

My second package includes a short amusing introductory poem, birthday song and single stem rose or mylar balloon cluster  -  I dress up as a Classy Conservative Gentleman with Vest & Fedora Hat or Top Hat. 

Package 3

My third package includes a short amusing introductory poem and the Happy Birthday Song - I dress up as a Classy Conservative Gentleman with Vest & Fedora Hat or Top Hat.

Preferred Methods Of Payment:

Interac-e-Transfer or Pay Pal

Simple & Safe

To secure any service package, the purchaser is requested to pay the performance fee in advance of the performance being delivered.


                     Single Stem Rose Available For Birthdays



        Nicole Receives Her 50th Happy Birthday Singing Telegram Package



                                               Nicole's Handcrafted Birthday Card




Daniel's Music
Gram Package From His Sweetheart In Columbia, South America

Birthday Surprise For My Boyfriend

My boyfriend and I were so happy with his birthday telegram! It was the best present I could ever gave to him. Thank you so much Mr. Peter, you and your partner were kind and friendly, always happy and joy! :)

Daniela R (Columbia)


                                                               Daniel's Handcrafted Card


            Sentiments From Daniel's Sweetheart Written In Spanish Inside


          Glenn's 50th Birthday Package From His "Favorite" Mother-in-law

Very Impressed with Music Grams/Peter Paulus

I wanted to arrange something special for my son-in-law who lives in Vancouver, turning 50 and I couldn't be there for his surprise party as I reside in Calgary. I found Peter Paulus with Music Grams. After not much notice, I was able to arrange my singing music gram for my son-in-law and was truly excited. Everything went perfect. The birthday card made by his wife was elaborate, classy and artistic, he sent me pictures of the event less than 24hrs afterwards, and there were lots of happy smiles in all the pictures. Peter is very easy to work with, very accommodating and I would highly recommend him for your special party or event.

Kat V


                                                              Glenn's Handcrafted Card



                   Francis Receives Birthday-Gram Package





Singing Telegram

Peter - this is absolutely marvelous!  The card is brilliant - what a very clever wife you have - very artistic and to the point - it is gorgeous - and the title - Vie en Rose - Frances just loved.   So is your choice in balloons. And the chocolates are lovely.  A+

I shall not hesitate to call you again - and tell people about you.  Thank you for working this appointment into your very busy day.  I wish you were here in Victoria! - With warm greetings and thanks to your wife.

Erica D (Victoria, BC)





Sue Received Happy 70th  Birthday Music Gram From Her Son In Dubai




Natalie's 30th birthday Singing Telegram & Special Music Gram Rose

A Wonderful Birthday Surprise From Overseas

I contacted Peter via email from Australia, to send my sister -who is living in Vancouver at the moment- a singing birthday telegram. 
He understood perfectly what my vision was for the music gram, he did a wonderful job and most importantly made her laugh on her birthday when I couldn't be there. 
I would definitely recommend him to surprise someone you love and make them smile on their special day.

Sarah M (Australia)


Natalie Received Her Birthday Song & Heart Felt Wishes From Her Sister in Australia



                           Shelley's 60th Birthday Singing Telegram Package


                              Shelley's Handcrafted Personalized Birthday Card


               Thai Received Her Happy Birthday Singing Telegram Package


                    Maritza Received Her Birthday Singing Telegram Package

Singing Telegram For Work Colleague

We hired Peter to surprise a colleague on her birthday which was also the day she was sworn in as a Canadian Citizen. Even though we had to change the day and time Peter was flexible and accommodating. A true professional.

Raquel E


 Maritza Became A Canadian Citizen On The  Same Day As Her Birthday


                                            Mary's (Ginger) Singing Telegram Package

Singing Telegram For My Sister

I hired Peter to surprise my sister on her 65th birthday with a singing telegram. I wanted her to have something special for her birthday. He didn't disappoint. He was very thorough and professional. He put a smile on my sister's face, which put a smile on mine. Well done Peter. I am so happy everything worked out the way it did. I would certainly recommend him to anyone wanting to make someone's day a very special occasion. 

 Alfred M


                                                            Ginger's Handcrafted Card


                         The Inside - The Sentiments Of Alfred, Mary's Brother


Nikkie Received Her Music Gram Birthday Wishes From Her Best Friend In Toronto, Ontario


                            Nikkie Received A Handcrafted Birthday Card


                                                   Nikkie & Peter After Her Birthday Song


                                               Carl's Birthday


                                 Sarah From Ireland Had Her Birthday Music Gram


Preferred Methods Of Payment:

Interac-e-Transfer or Pay Pal

Simple & Safe

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• Select a recipient by entering an email address and/or mobile phone number
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                                How To Use Pay Pal

I will send you an invoice from my Pay Pal website directly to your e-mail address. When you receive this, just open the page and follow the prompts. You may pay by credit card. A user fee of $10 is charged extra and added to your package service total.